In a visit to Jodhpur: 9 must see places

In a visit to Jodhpur: 9 must see places
ummaid palace: jodhpur

Must visit places in Jodhpur

If you visit Rajasthan, your visit is certainly incomplete if you don’t devour 3 of its beautiful cities. A visit to Jodhpur stands first in that list. Be it Rajasthani culture, history or food. It’s unique in each and every aspect.

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Blue coloured houses: Jodhpur

Jodhpur plays a major role in glorifying the history of Rajasthan. It has heritage palaces, forts, buildings and many more structures which are enough to leave you spellbound.

What to look for in your next visit to Jodhpur

If you have saved 2-3 days for Jodhpur, it will be sufficient to explore It nicely. Jodhpur city is really worth visiting for one, to explore the beauty of its heritage buildings, palaces and forts, and to savour the spicy food of Jodhpur, to taste the mouth watering sweets of Jodhpur, to listen it’s magnificent language and for many other similar reasons. So let’s take a tour to Jodhpur and find out what’s in there for us.

Table of contents

  1. Mehrangarh fort
  2. Ummaid bhawan
  3. Jashwant thada
  4. Mandore park
  5. Rao Jodha desert rock park
  6. Sardar market
  7. Balsamand lake
  8. Kaylana lake
  9. Machia biological park

1. Mehrangarh fort

This is the first place you should be exploring in your next visit to Jodhpur. It is one of the most magnificent forts of Rajasthan. This fort was built by Rao Jodha in year 1459. This fort is built on a cliff of 125m high and is spread in 5kms area.

Mehrangarh fort: visit to jodhpur
Mehrangarh fort

The fort stands apart from rest of the city because Jodhpur city is situated in plains. So a beautiful panoramic view of Jodhpur city is visible from this fort.

Closer view of Mehrangarh fort: visit to Jodhpur
Side view of the fort

As you enter the fort, the musicians are sitting playing traditional folk songs. Which is really enticing for the tourists entering the fort.

Playing Rajasthani folk music: Jodhpur fort
Playing folk music

There are two temples, one museum and various palaces inside the fort. The temples are Chamunda Mata temple and Nagnenchiji temple.

The museum portrays the Rich history of Jodhpur and its Rathore rulers. If you want to understand a place better, go and explore its museums.

While the palaces are Sheesh mehal, Phool mehal, Moti Mehal and Zenana Mehal. Which were used for different purposes as suggested by the names.

2. Ummaid Palace

Ummaid bhawan: jodhpur
उम्मेद भवन

Ummaid palace is named after Maharaja Ummaid Singh. The palace is designed as a combination of western technology and Indian architecture.

Ummaid palace is divided into three parts. One part is used for residence of the royal family. Second part of the palace has been converted into a museum. While the third part is maintained by Taj group and used as heritage hotels.

3. Jashwant Thada

This beautiful memorial was built in the memory of Maharaja Jashwant Singhji. Built with marble, this place provides an immense beautiful view.

Jaswant thada: Jodhpur
jashwant thada

This beautiful building comprises of one museum, which is run and maintained by Mehrangarh museum trust. This place has a lot to offer for us travellers, be it photography or history.

The monuments built are really a good example of some intricate Rajasthani artwork. While Ummaid palace is a blend of Western and Indian architecture, Jashwant thada is actually nice combination of Mughal artwork and Indian artwork.

4. Mandore Park

Mandore garden is situated 9kms from Jodhpur city. The garden contains architectural heritage buildings, a museum and various Cenotaphs made in the memorial of rulers of Jodhpur.

While visiting Mandore garden, you must visit “Hall of heroes”, which recollects folk heroes and Popular Rajputs of the region.

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Beside all the things mentioned above, it’s a really beautiful garden too.

5. Rao Jodha Desert rock park

The park must be visited for beautiful sight of flora and fauna. Along with that, beautiful view of Mehrangarh fort is also visible from the park.

Rao Jodha desert rock park: Jodhpur
Rao Jodha Desert rock park

The park was earlier a wasteland, which was fine tuned into desert rock park, by removing alien plants like “Bavalia” and improving ecology of the park.

The park is divided into sections, that visitors can explore. Overall it can be a refreshing experience visiting the park.

6. Sardar Market

Sardar market is situated in the middle of the Jodhpur city near clock tower. Being a local market it is good for shopping of handicrafts, antiques, variety of hand-embroidered fabrics and spices .

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In a visit to Jodhpur: 9 must see places 11

As Jodhpur is much known for its Saafa(turban), traditional jewellery, Rajasthani fabrics and similar stuffs like this. People who come from outside, sardar market offers too much variety and options for them to select the best one.

Locals suggest that Makhania lassi( and Local Shahi samosa are the best in the world. While you are in this area, don’t forget to taste Rabri ke ghevar, Kaju Katli and Mawa Kachori at Janta Sweet Home. Your visit to jodhpur is certainly incomplete without unearthing this market in depth.

7. Balsamand lake and Garden

It’s an artificial lake, situated on the Mandore road, BSF area. Away from the crowd this lake is in outskirts of Jodhpur city. Later on Balsamand Lake Palace was built on the shore of the lake.

Nothing much to write about, just go and feel the calmness. You won’t regret.

8. Kaylana Lake

This is also an artificial lake, built so as to provide drinking water to Jodhpur. It is some 8kms away from the city.

Kaylana lake: Jodhpur
Kaylana lake

Being artificial, this lake is much bigger in area than Balsamand lake. Situated in between the hills, boating can be done in the lake. A lot of temples are situated around the lake, at the same time trekking can be done around.

9. Machia biological park

Machia Biological park is actually a Zoo, situated very near to Kaylana lake. This includes bird watching point, Machia fort, and a lot of wild animals confined in cages.

Hotels in Jodhpur

Although there are plenty hotels in Jodhpur. You can find hotels from 200INR (2.5USD) per night to 30,000INR (400USD) per night. When you plan your visit to jodhpur, book from one of the nice hotels in advance. Which includes-

While there are tons of budget hotels in Jodhpur. which can be booked by hotel booking apps or locally at the hotel as per convenience .

How to reach

Jodhpur being the second largest city in Rajasthan, has excellent connectivity with other parts of the country.
By air: Jodhpur airport.

Train: Jodhpur railway station.

By road: Connected well with Jaipur, Ajmer, Bikaner and Gujrat.

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