Ranthambore, Sariska: Book safari the right way

Ranthambore, Sariska: Book safari the right way

Online safari booking: Ranthambore

We have seen many people come to sariska or Ranthambore national parks in order to enjoy wildlife safari. The right procedure to book online the Ranthambore or Sariska safari from government site is not known to all of us.

So when people reach Ranthambore I researched and then they come to know that the safari can be booked only online.

Most of the tourists who are coming for the first time, have no idea about the SSO ID or SSO login Rajasthan website.

Then they have to pay almost double charges to the agents in these tiger reserves. Why…?? because they don’t have any clue of how to book safari online from the government site.

The result is, either they have to pay extra money, or they waste one day without any safari.

And when you have everything planned, every single day counts.

Specially during this time of COVID pandemic, if you are planning for Ranthambore or Sariska. Please make sure that you have booked everything in well advance in order to save your money and time.

I am sure everybody who wants to make a visit over here is afraid of COVID too at some point. So let me tell you one thing, that you can easily visit the national park now. As they are open for all tourists.

The thing you have to adhere are the standard rules followed during COVID which includes social distancing, masks and use of hand sanitiser.

The other thing which is to be noted is the seating capacity of the safari vehicles. Which was reduced to 50% of what it was before prior COVID.

But this all keeps on changing. Which includes the seating capacity, prices of the canter safari and keep safari and vaccination rules.

So while you are booking the safari, you will come to know the actual rates for that time.

The other important thing is to check the rules of safari just prior booking the Ranthambore or sariska safari.

Below are a few points which we want to discuss regarding the safari booking.

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So, Not wasting any of your time. Straightaway I will come how to book safari online for Tiger reserves in Rajasthan, including Ranthambore national park, Sariska tiger reserve and a few others.

As you all must be knowing, that Govt. officials have terminated offline booking system w.e.f. 21-Dec-2018 . So from now on we can do only book safari online for Ranthambore National park.

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Book safari online- From Official government site

Go to SSO login Rajasthan website at the link below, where you have to enter your SSO ID and password:


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SSO Rajasthan: Login page
  • Enter your SSO ID, Password and 6-digit captcha code and click login to access the FMDSS application.
  • In case you don’t have an Rajasthan SSO ID and Password, click on ‘Registration’
  • For new user registration, you will need to submit your legal ID details or your social media details.
  • After logging in, click on OTHER APPS.
Book safari online: Ranthambore
SSO Rajasthan: Dashboard
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Forest and Wildlife: under OTHER APPS
  • Click on the MENU button on top right corner. Then the following dropdown menu will appear.
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Wildlife ticket booking services
  • Once you click on “Wildlife Ticket Booking Services”, A dropdown menu will appear as above, showing what kind of booking do you need.
  • Once you select “Booking type”, A web page will open that will ask you to fill details of the reserve you want to book tickets for, Zone, Date and time of visit, vehicle, visitors members details and other necessary details.
  • Select “Ranthambore National Park” and fill all other details required As above. (Btw Zone 01-05 are best for spotting tiger, all zones more or less offer sufficient opportunities for spotting this wild animal)
  • Fill the details and captcha and click submit to complete the booking process.After clicking submit, payment page will open up.You can make the online payment for your bookings through any of the listed options and click ‘Pay now’.
  • * RTPCR test is required for the Ranthambore safari.
    * two doses of vaccination is a must as per the safari guidelines.

Procedure to download E-Ticket

  • Login to Rajasthan SSO Website with SSO ID and password.
  • Click on “Forest and Wildlife” section.
  • Then the following page will open https://fmdss.forest.rajasthan.gov.in/Dashboard/Dashboard
  • Click on the MENU button on top right corner.
  • Then click on “Wildlife Ticket Booking Services” as before.
  • Click on the booking you have already done.
  • Scroll down till you find the “Booking” tab. Click Action followed by download button.
  • Tour E-ticket will be downloaded to your device.

Forest Department has fixed the number of vehicles for advance, current and Tatkal safari.

Only 75 percent advance online safari tickets are booked by the Forest Department, while the remaining 25 percent of Safari tickets will be booked online under the current and tatkal booking.

Online booking for the current and Tatkal safari will open at 10 a.m. every day, in which tourists can book the same day Afternoon safari and next day morning safari.

For morning safari timing, Online Safari booking can be done by 6:30 am and for afternoon shift, online jungle safari tickets can be booked by 3 o’clock.

But all tourists must report at the booking counter of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve to get safari boarding passes with vehicle and guide details.

Ranthambore safari online booking price

Advance booking of Ranthambore safari

These prices of safari checked in Dec-2020, and they exclude any tax and bank charges. Which will be extra as appropriate.

INDEXIndian national (Rs)Foreign national (Rs)Video camera (Additional charges to use inside)
Gypsy(single person)12003000Indian-660Rs, Foreign-990Rs
Gypsy (two persons)21005800Indian-660Rs, Foreign-990Rs
canter7001600Indian-660Rs, Foreign-990Rs
Ranthambore safari advance booking charges

Tatkal booking of Ranthambore safari

In case of tatkal booking, Only gypsy safari is available. The price for which for an indian national is around 17000 INR for a single person. which includes charges for safari, gypsy, guide and video camera. After that the price increases around 1100 INR per person.

Similarly for an foreign national, the price for gypsy for a single person is 22000 INR.

So at the prices of tatkal booking prices. I guess we should book safari online in well advance.

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So that’s the small online booking procedure, which works for any of the tiger reserves in Rajasthan. We can also book tickets for any Zoo in Rajasthan by following these steps.

So before going to Ranthambore, Please Be Informed and save money, time and hassle.

Few important Notes for Ranthambore safari

  • ID card is required for safari booking as well as during the safari.
  • once your booking is confirmed, It can not be cancelled or transferred.
  • Report for safari 15 mins in advance.


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