Discover these 10 stunning Forts of Rajasthan(2)

Discover these 10 stunning Forts of Rajasthan(2)

Glorious forts of Rajasthan

Actually you are lucky if you have got a chance to explore these forts. But keep in mind that whenever you are there to visit the fort, please have enough time and peaceful mind to enjoy the beauty of these forts.

Whenever I go to any of these places, I make sure to have a good company of friends or family with me. I leave behind my work schedules and spend a lot of time in the fort so as to feel its true beauty and connect with the history of it.

So let’s continue with the list of the forts of Rajasthan which you should be exploring whenever you are here.

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6. Ranthambore fort

So the Ranthambore fort is now we talk about. This fort is certainly one of the most beautiful forts of Rajasthan. But the thing which makes it more interesting and worth watching is the sanctuary around the fort.

This fort is situated in the middle of Ranthambore national park. The national park which is best known in India and even in the world for the number of tigers and the probability of encounters with tigers while we are on tiger safari in this park.

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ranthambore fort back side

There is too much to explore inside this fort. Which includes phansi ghar, Badal mahal and Hamir’s court and the most famous Trinetra Ganesh temple.

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view from ranthambore fort

7. Jaisalmer fort

The Jaisalmer fort is famous and known for being the Largest fort where almost one quarter of the population of the city is residing inside the fort. When you visit the fort, you will come experience the same thing.

Actually last time when I visited this fort, it was around Diwali vacations time. So there was a large number of tourists in the fort.

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A snap from the Jaisalmer fort

When you visit any other forts, you find only the heritage hotels inside the fort and the palaces. But in Jaisalmer fort, you will find almost everything. Which includes restaurants, shops, residential areas, and hotels.

Jaisalmer fort is situated on a cliff named Tripura hill. The fort has 4 gates named Ganesh pol, Aakash pol, Suraj pol and Hawa pol.

Don’t forget to visit Raj mahal and the Jain temples inside the fort. The Jain temples inside the fort are really a good example of splendid architecture.

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Almost entire city is visible from the fort

Just be aware not to fall in trap of scammers inside the fort. Who can be seen roaming nearby to trap the tourists visiting the fort.

8. Junagarh fort, Bikaner

This fort is also known as Chintamani fort or Bikaner fort. This fort is situated inside the Bikaner city and is one of the forts of Rajasthan which is not built on a cliff or hill.

There are two main gates to the fort. One is Suraj pol, which is the main gate of the fort. While the other one is Daulat pol.

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When you visit inside the fort. Don’t skip Anup mahal. As Anup mahal is the most beautiful structure to be visited inside the fort. There are some other palaces and pavilions inside the fort.

Junagarh fort: Forts of Rajasthan
Discover these 10 stunning Forts of Rajasthan(2) 13

On the other hand, Badal mahal is another beautiful palace inside the fort. The walls inside this palace are white, which contains various beautiful paintings.

The most beautiful thing about this fort is the paintings and stone carvings. Which portrays the ancient Rajasthani Royal lives and Rajasthani culture.

Jaigarh fort, Jaipur

Jaigarh fort is situated about 15kms from Jaipur. It is very near to the fort of Amber. Jaigarh fort is built on Aravali hill range on a cliff named “Cheel ka teela”.

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Jaigarh fort

This fort was built mainly for the residential purpose for the royal families. The palaces inside the fort are The Lalit mandir, Vikas mandir and Aaram mandir.

This fort must be visited for the excellent view of the Jaipur city it provides from the fort. As it is situated on a hilltop, a picturesque view of the Aravali range as well as the Jaipur city is visible from the fort.

Jaigarh fort: forts of Rajasthan
Discover these 10 stunning Forts of Rajasthan(2) 14

On the other hand this fort has a well maintained museum, gardens and other palaces to be visited.

10. The city palace, Udaipur

When it comes to forts of Rajasthan and palaces over here, Udaipur is the first place which pops up in our minds. Because it has many forts, palaces and heritage hotels. Which makes it the popular tourist as well as rich and grand wedding destinations.

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The city palace

So here comes the City palace of Udaipur. City palace is situated on the shores of Pichhola lake.

The city palace was built by Maharana Udai Singh. And holds as one the largest and most beautiful architecture in Rajasthan.

Once you visit this palace, you can’t stop admiring this beautifully built palace of marble. The city palace is the perfect blend of European, medieval and Chinese architecture.

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view from the palace

Tripolia gate is the main gate of the palace. Through which the palace can be entered. After you enter, there are many beautiful structures inside the complex.

There are 11 small palaces and other structures built inside the palace. Which includes courtyards, pavilions, gardens and other corridors.

Other structures are the Mor-chowk, Dilkhush Mahal, Sheesh Mahal (Palace of mirrors), Moti Mahal (Palace of Pearls), Shambhu Niwas, Bhim Vilas, Amar Vilas (with a beautiful garden), Badi Mahal and Suraj Gokhda.

Don’t forget to take a glimpse of breathtaking Pichhola lake and the city behind the palace from the terrace inside the palace.

So whenever you are in Udaipur or nearby, don’t skip this place. As this will be the one making your trip worth visiting it.

Thanks for reading.

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