DGshipping: courses, certification and procedures- Get updated

DGshipping: courses, certification and procedures- Get updated

STCW courses and certification

We all are going through a rough phase of life named COVID. Which in many ways, has changed about how the system works. DGShipping also got affected due to COVID. It had to change the procedures for the courses and certification.

Earlier we just had to go to some college, complete our course and get the certificate. It was that easy.

But now, because there are too many restrictions on travel, transport and many other factors which affect our daily life. That it’s not at all simple to get the certificate.

It’s because the world is still unstable after the COVID.

As the number and locations of patients are changing day by day, and thus the rules of each and every state are changing accordingly.

So in order to avoid confusion and trouble to all the seafarers, Dgshipping has changed a lot of procedures.

A few procedures include that earlier we used biometrics for attendance. But now, in order to reduce human-surface contact, Face detection is being used in institutes for attendance purpose.

While the other procedures include how the courses should be conducted, duration of the courses, validity of their certificates and how the certificates will be issued to us.

There are a lot of questions which pop up in our minds, when it comes to Dgshipping, master checker, e learning or INDOS checker.

Many more questions you might face when it
comes to all this.
Questions include-

  • What is Dgshipping master checker ?
  • How to check seatime or my training details in Dgshipping master checker ?
  • How to do Dgshipping e learning ?
  • How to Upload missing sea service in master checker ?
  • or how to access master checker ?

Once you read this article, you will get all your answers without any external help.

So let’s have a look at a few procedures, which might be helpful for us.

What is E-learning

E-learning is learning the course with any required Electronic medium. So for all modular or STCW courses, DGshipping has set up E-learning requirement.

The E-learning for the respected course has to be completed prior the course in institute.

Once we complete the E-learning, we can complete the same course in any of the approved institute.

Once we have completed the course in the institute, we have to come back to Dgshipping website for the exit exam.

After the exit exam, the certificate will be generated on the Dgshipping website.

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How to register for E-learning

DGshipping: courses, certification and procedures- Get updated 13
  • Then click on the “E-Learning” tab
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DGshipping: courses, certification and procedures- Get updated 14
  • Select “Enroll Now”
New Bitmap Image 2
DGshipping: courses, certification and procedures- Get updated 15
  • Enter the required details and Verify
  • Soon you will receive a confirmation mail containing the login credentials and the course details.
  • Complete the course in the required timeframe. Just remember that you have to attend the course for the minimum specified time.

Carry out E-learning

  • E-learning had to be completed as per the guidelines setup by Dgshipping.
  • There are a few important things to be noted to successfully complete the course.
  • One is that, there should not be any other windows or tabs open in computer when doing the course.
  • The course has to be done only in PC or laptop. It can not be done on tablet or mobile.
  • Webcam has to be ON at all times during E-learning.
  • Once you try to login, it provides you the time slot of 5 minutes. You have to login within those 5 minutes.
  • After certain inactivity, it will log you out. And then the whole login procedure has to be repeated again. Which includes 5 minutes time slot.
  • Rest you will come to know slowly, once you start the course.

What is Dgshipping master checker

Master checker is the page on Dgshipping where most of the details about the seafarer are uploaded.

In Dgshipping master checker, we can access details about our seatime, training, certificates, GOC, COC and other related documents details.

Primarily master checker is provided, so that companies can upload the sign on sign off dates, and other details of the seafarer.

We can’t edit it or make any entry. Our job is just to check it on frequent basis. And if we find any irregularity, we should report it to our company or the concerned MMD as required.

How to access Dgshipping master checker

  • Go to Dgshipping website.
  • Select E governance.
  • Login with the standard credentials. Which are Username is your INDOS number, while for password you have to put one extra digit “1” in front of your INDOS number.
    So if your INDOS no is 07NL2002, then your password will be 07NL20021.
  • Then click on “update seafarers profile”.
  • There you will find the “Master checker” on the top bar.

Please refer next paragraph for more details, or the procedure.

How to download certificate from dgshipping website

Earlier we used to get the certificate in hand, just after completion of the course.

But now, due to COVID norms, the institute has to upload the certificate on DGshipping website after completion of course.

The thing is that It can take 2-3 days for the certificate to be generated.

Procedure to obtain the certificate is as follows.

Actually there are two ways, by which we can access the certificates generated online.

Let’s have a look at both of them.

Procedure 1- Via Master checker

  • Login to “E-governance”.
New Bitmap Image 4
DGshipping: courses, certification and procedures- Get updated 16
  • Select “Update seafarer’s profile”
New Bitmap Image 4 1
DGshipping: courses, certification and procedures- Get updated 17
  • Click on “Master checker”
New Bitmap Image 8
Master checker: Dg shipping
  • In the top bar, select “Training details”
New Bitmap Image 7
DGshipping: courses, certification and procedures- Get updated 18
  • Then select the respective course you want to obtain the certificate for.
  • Click on “view”
  • Download the certificate.
  • *In the above pic, there is only one certificate available for download. So the “View” option is being shown accordingly.

In case the above method does not work, then you can also download the certificate with the next method.

Procedure 2- Via INDOS checker

With the INDOS checker method, it is much easier to download the certificates which are generated online.

Actually here you will get all the certificates, which are generated online.

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DGshipping: courses, certification and procedures- Get updated 19
  • Select the course, for the required certificate.
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DGshipping: courses, certification and procedures- Get updated 20
  • Fill the other required information. Which includes INDOS number and the date of birth. Or the certificate number( in case you remember that or have it handy)
483E0F0D B0CB 4408 B03D 4609964367F3
DGshipping: courses, certification and procedures- Get updated 21
  • Hit “Enter”, and there is your certificate.
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DGshipping: courses, certification and procedures- Get updated 22