Amer fort Jaipur: Why we love it

Amer fort Jaipur: Why we love it

Amer fort, Jaipur

Amer fort, situated in the outskirts of Jaipur city, is one of the most beautiful forts in Rajasthan . The fort is built upon an cliff, and the Maota lake adjacent to the fort adds much more to the beauty of the fort.

For your information, it is one of the largest forts in India. Because there are many sections, garden and temples inside the garden. So it easily takes 3 to 4 hours to devour the beauty of this palace. So be prepared for that.

Amer fort
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While you are visiting Amer fort, you can enjoy exploring the fort, the gardens, temples and other places of attractions inside it. On the other side there are Elephant rides outside and inside the fort.

In case you want to visit the fort on an elephant, that facility is also provided within the fort. The price for which is around 900INR for two persons.

The best time to visit this fort is in winters. In winters you can easily roam around and explore this fort for a few hours. Otherwise if it is summers, it gets very difficult to stay in the fort for such a long time.

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History of Amer fort Jaipur

Amer fort is also known as Amber fort. Present Amer fort of Jaipur fort was first rules and administered by Meenas of Amer. built By Raja Man Singh of the Amer in 17th century.

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Raja Man Singh was the Kachawaha king of Amer. Later on his descendant Jai Singh worked upon the fort. And this fort went many improvements and alterations in the upcoming years.

In that time, Amer used to be the capital of Rajasthan. Which was then shifted to Jaipur during the reign of Raja Sawai Jai Singh.

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So even after the shifting of the capital to Jaipur. The Amer fort still dominates the show.

The average number of visitors per day to this fort is around 5000. Which is quite a huge number in real.

Amer fort Jaipur
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Light and sound show at Amer fort Jaipur

Like other major forts in Rajasthan, a light and sound show is held everyday between 7PM to 10PM.

If you want to experience the beauty and shine of this fort in colourful lights, then you must definitely visit this fort in night time.

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During night time, the mesmerising view of Diwan-e-Aam, Diwan-e-khas and Suraj pol will definitely leave you spellbound.

Amer fort Jaipur Architecture

Amer fort Jaipur is beautifully built with red marble and stones. a blend of ancient Mughal and Rajputana architecture. Amer fort is divided into four sections or courtyards. Each of the section was unique and had its purpose.

Jalebi Chowk

The first courtyard could be entered through its designated gate. Like the largest gate for the fort is Suraj Gate or Suraj pol. When we enter through the Suraj pol, we reach Jalebi Chowk.

Jalebi chowk is he place, where the victory parades were held. While it had living quarters for the soldiers as well. The arrangements were made for horses too in the Jalebi chowk.

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Jalebi chowk

Then there is Sila devi temple near the Jalebi chowk. Sila devi is considered incarnation of Goddess Kali.

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The second courtyard is called Diwan-e-Aam or the public hall. Which means it was used for public meetings.

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Diwan e Aam
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Diwan e Aam


As we walk further through the Ganesh Pol, we reach Diwan-e-Khas. Which means it was used as residency for Royal families.

Diwan-e-khas has Sheesh Mehal(Made of mirrors) and Sukh Niwas and a beautiful garden built in between them.

While Sheesh Mehal is built of mirrors of various sizes and types. The Sikh Niwas palace is built with supply of water all around it, which makes it naturally air conditioned even in summers.

While the garden in between them is made beautifully in Mughal architecture.

Fourth courtyard

Then there is fourth courtyard, In which Royal ladies used to live. Which includes mother and wives of the king.

Then there is Jas mandir(temple) inside the fourth courtyard. This temple was designated for the royal ladies to worship. This temple is situated in the upper part of Diwan-e-khas.

Amer fort timings

The fort is open from 8AM to 6PM on all days. While if you want to enjoy the light and sound show in the fort, then the timings are from 7PM to 10PM.

How to reach

Amer fort is around 11 kms from the Jaipur city. So it can be reached by own vehicle or cab service like Ola or Uber.

By flight: Jaipur being the capita of Rajasthan is well connected through all major airports of India.

Train: Jaipur Railway station is the nearest railway station to Amer fort.

By road: Can be reached by cab, Rajasthan roadways bus or own vehicles.

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