9 Unparalleled temples in Rajasthan you must visit

9 Unparalleled temples in Rajasthan you must visit

Centre of reverence: Temples in Rajasthan

These temples in Rajasthan are much more than they are talked about. They are beautiful, they are revered like actual god.

Some of them are known for the beauty of architecture, while the others are known for the beautiful panoramic view around it. Some are famous for the alluring sculptures of gods and deities.

While there is one common thing in all of them. And it is that they are all centre of reverence for the Hindu religion for the people of Rajasthan and and India.

So here are these 11 temples in Rajasthan, which should be explored whenever you are nearby any of them.

Because at times it can be a little difficult to visit all of them in a single visit.

Karni Mata Temple, Deshnok

Karni mata Temple: temples in rajasthan
Karni Mata temple

The karni mata temple is dedicated to Karni Mata. This temple is popular in India as it contains thousands of rats. So it is also called as The temple of rats.

This is one of those temples in Rajasthan, which is visited for offering prayers as well as watching too many rats roaming around in the temple.

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Rats inside temple

The approximate number of rats inside the temple is more than 25,000. Which is a miracle in itself.

The legend behind it is that the son of goddess Karni mata died due to drowning. And the rats inside the temple are reincarnations of the sons of goddess Karni Mata.

The rats are perfectly healthy and have never caused any disease to anybody till date. Is is considered auspicious to feed these rats and if you sight one of the white rat, you are lucky.

In case one of the rats is killed intentionally or accidentally by anybody, it is considered to bring bad luck. And thus it has to be replaced by a rat made purely by solid silver.

How to reach

By air: Jodhpur is the nearest airport from Deshnok. From where you can reach here via a cab or bus.

The temple is 35 kms away from Bikaner. So from Bikaner it can be reached via Train(Deshnok railway station) or by road.

Salasar Balaji temple, Churu

This temple is situated in a small town called Salasar, in churu district. Salasar Balaji temple holds the most important place for the devotees of Lord Hanuman.

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Salasar Balaji temple

This temple is considered a power shrine for the worshippers and Lord Hanuman worshipped here, is known to fulfil the wishes of its devotees visiting here. Large fairs are held over here two times a year.

Legend behind this temple is that a farmer found this sculpture of Lord Hanuman in his field while plowing the field. Later that idol was sent to Salasar, where the Salasar dham is built at present.

How to reach

It less about 165 kms from the state capital Jaipur. So from Jaipur cab or Rajasthan roadways bus are available.

The other option is via train, you can arrive to Sujangarh(nearest railway station). Which is around 25kms from the Salasar temple.

Lord Brahma temple, Pushkar

Lord Brahma temple in Pushkar was the only Brahma temple in the world until a while ago. It is said that the location for this temple was chosen by the lord Brahma himself.

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Pushkar lake

There is a sacred lake near the temple. It is considered sacred to take bath in that lake before coming to the temple. When you visit the lake you can see a lot of ghats(broad stairways down to the lake) and a lot of people taking bath in the lake.

In fact there are a lot of temples in the Pushkar town. That’s why Pushkar is considered as one of the holiest place and pilgrimage for the Hindu religion.

There are many legends behind this being the only Brahma temple in the world. One of them was that While lord bharma was going for a fire sacrifice. And his wife Savitri was unavailable at the moment, so Lord Brahma married a local beautiful girl Gayatri. Then his wife Savitri cursed him that he won’t be worshipped anywhere else in the world except Pushkar.

When you go to Pushkar you can see two hills near the lake. One of them is named Savitri and other one is called Gayatri.

How to reach

By air: Jaipur airport is the nearest airport. From there Cab or bus for Pushkar via Ajmer

Train: Nearest railway station is Ajmer. Which is 14kms from Pushkar.

By road: 14kms from Ajmer. While 152 kms from Jaipur.

Ramdevra temple, Jaisalmer

Ramdevra temple is situated in Jaisalmer district and is dedicated to Ramdev Baba. Ramdevra temple is one of the greatest temples in Rajasthan in terms of its history, reverence.

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ramdevra temple

Large fairs are held twice a year in Ramdevra, where thousands of people gather to pay homage to Ramdev Babaji.

In fact Ramdevji was the son of ruler Ajmal Singh. And due to his kind nature, he always helped poor people. So people from the town started worshipping him after his death.

After a few years it became the legend that whoever comes walking to this temple, all his wishes are fulfilled.

How to reach

By air: Jaisalmer airport is the nearest airport to this temple. In case of unavailability of flights to Jaisalmer, you can take a flight to Jodhpur and take a cab or bus to Jaisalmer.

Train: Ramdevra railway station

By road: It is well connected by road to Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Bikaner.

Ranakpur Jain temple

Ranakpur Jain temple is situated in the laps of Aravali hills. This temple is not too far from Jodhpur or Udaipur. Not too far from the Gujarat-Rajasthan border either.

Ranakpur Jain temple: temples in Rajasthan.
ranakpur jain temple

If you want to experience marvellous example of ancient architecture, then don’t skip this temple. This is one the the most beautiful temples in Rajasthan.

You should definitely visit this temple to explore its unmatched beauty of carvings on the walls, pillars, sculptures and the serene environment it provides.

You can read my article on the same, in which this temple is covered in detail.

How to reach Ranakpur

By air: Udaipur airport is the nearest domestic airport from Ranakpur

Train: Falna railway station is the nearest railway station from Ranakpur.

By road: It is 95kms from Udaipur and 155kms from Jodhpur. So any of the above option is easily available.

Dilwara Jain temple, Mount abu

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Dilwara Jain temple

The Dilwara Jain temple is situated around 2.5kms from Mount abu. The temple was built between 11AD to 13th AD, Dilwara Jain temple is situated in Mount abu. This temple is famous for the beautiful carvings on pillars and ceilings made of marbles. 

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Dilwara Jain temple

The temple is surrounded by lush green hills of Aravali, which increases its beauty and makes the view more pleasant. 

This temple consists of five major sections of temples dedicated to five Tirthankara(saints) of Jains. These temples were built between 1031AD-1582AD, and each section is carved and crafted with unique designs. 

Achleshwar Mahadev Temple, Mount abu

This is the ancient temple situated outside the Achalgarh fort, Mount Abu. The legend for this temple is that there was a giant toe-print of lord shiva outside the fort.

So this temple was built surrounding that toe-print of Lord shiva. There are statues of bulls, shiva-ling and many mesmerising artefacts in and near the temple. You can also visit the Achalgarh fort which is just near the temple.

How to reach: Achaleshwar temple and Dilwara Jain temple

By air: Udaipur is the nearest airport from Mount abu.

Train: Abu road railway station is the nearest train station

By road: 18kms from Abu road.

Birla Temple, Jaipur

Birla temple in Jaipur is LakshmiNarayan temple built beautifully with white Makrana Marble.

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Birla Temple, Jaipur

This temple should be visited for the beautiful architecture made of White Makrana marble. The cleanliness and beauty of this temple is outstanding. The tranquil feel inside the temple, in the middle of the city will certainly make you visit it again and again.

This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and that’s why soulful Aartis(prayers) are offered five times a day in this temple. One of the must visit temples in Rajasthan if you are in or near Jaipur.

Birla temple is situated in the middle of Jaipur city. So it can be reached easily via a cab or other public transport.

Parashuram Mahadev temple, Pali

It is 14km from Sadri town. And not too far from Ranakpur temple either. If you ever go to Ranakpur temple then you should not miss out Parshuram Mahadev temple at any cost.

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cave temple

Temple is situated inside a cave on top of a hill. It is said that Lord Parshuram made the cave with his axe and used to worship lord Shiva at this place. This is also known as Amarnath temple of Rajasthan.

Best time to visit this place is around Monsoon season. The beauty of this place is at it’s peak during this time.

How to reach

By air: Nearest airport is Udaipur, which is 115kms from the temple. This airport has excellent domestic connectivity to All metro city airports. 

Train: Nearest railway station is Falna. Which lies on western Railway and has good connectivity to Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Jaipur. 

By road: 165Kms from Jodhpur by road. While Falna railway station is 45 kms from Parshuram Mahadev temple.


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